Ryan has been teaching drums to my son (16) and daughter (13) for a couple of years.  He is great with both of them.  My kids find Ryan’s lessons both challenging and fun.  Their drumming skills have definitely improved under Ryan’s tutelage – and they are both proud of how they sound now as drummers.  I’ll also say that Ryan is a kind, thoughtful and interesting man.  It’s been a real pleasure to get to know him.  I highly recommend Ryan Sapp as a drum instructor.”


“I like your lessons because you are:

Very patient with us students (even when we are annoying).

You help students with school music for band.

You support students when they are having trouble.


Encourage us to challenge ourselves.

Has a wide variety of good music.

Knows every trick in the book.


For the mint!” 

K.P. - 12 year old student.

“Ryan has been teaching my son for three years. Throughout the three years of lessons, Ryan has demonstrated his skills at working with, coaching, and teaching my son not only how to play the drums but how to listen to music. Music lessons with Ryan are more than just notes on a page, it’s about the beat, about using your ears to listen to the music, and translating that information to your hands and feet. JB is a super active kid and Ryan has been able to develop a relationship with him where Ryan is able to figure out what teaching styles best work to teach both technical skills like reading beats as well as sight reading (or listening) skills. For anyone wanting to learn how to play drums, no matter your age, you couldn’t ask for a professional more gifted in teaching than Ryan.”


“Ryan has been teaching our son, Eli for just over a year. He has worked to support him both on songs of his choice and for his middle school band. Ryan has helped Eli learn how to read music for band and “rock” band as well as work on form and technique. He is a ready advisor for Eli when he has equipment questions (which drums, which kicks, which cymbals, etc). Ryan is always willing to help tune the drum equipment Eli brings to him. He is an excellent communicator, easy to work with, holds his students accountable and really “gets” Eli!”


“We first started drum lessons with Ryan about a year and a half ago for our two boys, then 6 and 9.  Ryan proved to be very good with young kids; relating to and encouraging them, teaching them to read music, exposing them to various music styles, and challenging them.  Within about six months our older son performed in his first recital with a fairly complicated piece.  At this first recital I was able to see the wide range of ages and skill levels he teaches, and the breadth of styles his students perform (swing, jazz, classical, rock).  Taking drum lessons has been a confidence builder for my kids; my older son has played on a kids’ worship team and with a small band, and both kids have played in recitals and in a school talent show.  Ryan is always extremely professional and obviously loves what he does.  I would highly recommend Ryan for anyone wanting to learn the art of drumming.”


“My 12 year old son Ben has been taking percussion lessons from Ryan Sapp for the last few years. The lessons started to help my son keep up with the band requirements at school, which he had no interest in at the time. We were considering dropping music because Ben has High Functioning Autism and he had the option to drop some classes, but we encouraged him to try it for a while. After a few months Ben wanted to stick with music and it was because he really enjoyed the teachers, one of them being Mr. Sapp. Ben no longer has any band requirements, but he chose to keep the music lessons going with Mr. Sapp. Through his lessons, Ben has come to realize how music can sooth his mind and he has learned to be more resilient, he used to just give up when he couldn’t play a piece well and now he keeps trying and practicing and sees it through. Mr. Sapp is patient, fun and accommodating and has been able to keep Ben engaged in the lessons. We are very grateful to Mr. Sapp for helping Ben find a sense of accomplishment and happiness in music!”

“I played drums in bands in the past but wanted to come back around to learn actual technique in order to become a better drummer. Ryan has helped me improve my stick control and my technique. This has enabled me to play songs I didn’t think I could do (‘Digital Bath’ by the Deftones, ‘The Kill’ by Thirty Seconds to Mars, etc.) In addition, I never thought I’d be reading and playing the drum part for the Rush song ‘Subdivisions’ but I am thanks to Ryan.” 

J.C. - Adult Student

“Ryan is an amazing drum teacher for my son. Ryan’s passion, knowledge and expertise has enabled my son to continue to enjoy and grow as a drummer. Ryan is also very kind and genuine, and these are qualities that make a big difference in my son’s experience. I highly recommend Ryan!”


“My ten year old son has been taking drum lessons for three years from Ryan.  While emphasizing fundamentals, Ryan still allows each student to explore their own music interests.  He is passionate about music and patient with his students.  It’s obvious he enjoys teaching and wants to see all of his students be successful.  He is flexible with his teaching style and alters it to the individual needs of his students.  He is a 5 star drum instructor and my son loves taking lessons from him!”


“Me bang drums. Ryan good.”

“Bo started drumming with Ryan three years ago when Bo was just 7 years old. They immediately had a connection and have both worked incredibly hard to develop Bo’s talent for drumming into his personal passion. Ryan is always professional, always prepared to pick up right where they left off and always working to inspire Bo to master a tricky beat or try a new song. He truly respects Bo as a musician. Ryan once told me Bo’s love of music is ‘infectious and heartwarming.’ I’d say that sums up how we feel every time Bo plays with Ryan. As a parent, it’s infectious and heartwarming to see Bo find a new way to express himself through drumming and to feel so proud when Ryan pushes him to reach a new level of talent. We feel tremendously lucky that Ryan is Bo’s drumming instructor.”

“Mr. Ryan is awesome!”

Bo – 10 year old student.

“Our experience with Ryan has proven him absolutely amazing when it comes to working with kids. Our son Riley has really responded to Ryan’s methods of instruction, encouragement, and true love of music! Thank you Ryan :)”